Why the thumb print?

Why the thumb print?

Just the other day, my daughter was working on a project that she had sanded down and coated numerous times. She was aiming for a smooth and super shiny finish, and this was the final coat, after many attempts.

And just as she was inspecting the piece, turning it over in her hands, admiring the work, she touched a corner that had not yet completely dried, and left a thumb print smudge.

Ugh! She was over herself!

While I can relate to my daughter's exasperation -- we always try to do things as perfectly as possible -- I encouraged her not to be too hard on herself. A thumb print, after all, was a clear sign of humanity.

Our logo for Morganics Hand Crafted consists of two thumb prints that form a heart.

A little cheesy? Maybe. But in our eyes, it couldn't be more perfect.

In this, our techno-age, we've all grown accustomed to, and expectant of, the precision and the alleged perfection that computers bring into our daily lives.

And you won't get any argument from me or any of the Morgans as to the value of machinery. We love computers and power tools!

But there is something so unique about the imprint of humanity in the midst of our machined perfection.

While computers and machines have made our lives more predictable and efficient in many ways, they can never erase that which makes us human.

To me, the thumb print smudge left behind is a sign that a very real person is behind that product. That this particular piece of home goods was handled with care. That it made its way from the hands of a craftsperson, to a very special place in your very home.

So, while we always try to keep our thumbs to ourselves, should you ever find a little piece of the Morgans left behind in one of your personally hand-crafted pieces, please don't be angry. Just know that you've not only gained a one-of-a-kind work, you've also taken a piece of ourselves with you.


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